Welcome to Edgewood Farm! A beautiful pastoral farm & shopping experience on 102 acres in Quesnel!

Edgewood Farm is family run with Lawrence, Penelope and Tegan being part of the multi-generational endeavour! Not only are we family run, we see all of our team as part of our family, too. Take a moment to get to know us!

Penelope Curry
Beauty Bringer

If you ask our founder what inspired her to open EdgeWood she’ll simply say ‘to bring beauty to everyday’ an ethos we’ve been living by and making happen for over 20 years! Whether it’s in the goods she carefully curates, displays created in the shop, or in the hand gathered bouquets she makes, Penelope effortlessly highlights beauty in all of her projects!

Lawrence Curry

Life at EdgeWood flourishes with Lawrence’s touch. 2nd generation to the acreage, farming and horticulture come easily to him! His immense knowledge both in growing and in just about everything else makes him vital to our success! Always smiling, Lawrence is ever eager to help and works hand in hand with Penelope to make EdgeWood grow!

Tegan Curry

Tegan is our manager extraordinaire! She’s our hipster and a little bit cocktail party girl and its this style duality that gives her a flair for curating, as well as generating an effervescent stream of creative ideas that keep our team busy. Third generation, Tegan’s vitality keeps EdgeWood blooming!

Shelora Hackney

The instant Shelora started working here our world became several shades brighter! Shelora brings so much joy into the shop, helping every customer have a personal and beautiful shopping experience! As Assistant Manager, and buyer her uncanny ability to make fun happen, keeps our family productive and happy!